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Vote for the 2024-2025 SATA Board of Directors

Online voting will be available until 11pm on November 13, 2023. Voting members of SATA are defined as anyone who is 18 years or older at the time of voting, and who has played a USTA or SATA League, SATA Tournament, is a SATA Sponsor or Donor, and/or serves as a volunteer of the organization. One vote per member. Alternatively, members can vote in person at the General Membership Meeting on November 14th at Chicken N Pickle, 5215 UTSA Blvd. at 6:00 pm.

Vote for the 2024-2025 SATA Board of Directors

Please choose one:

Please vote for the entire slate for terms beginning January 1, 2024 and ending December 31, 2025, with an Approve or a Do Not Approve. 


President - Ann Ross

Ann is uniquely qualified to serve as SATA Board President, having served SATA in multiple facets: Board (VP Leagues), committee member (Bylaws and Leagues Committees), fundraising (Double Down Tournament Silent Auction), volunteer (Tennis on the Go), employee (Interim Leagues co-Coordinator), and SATA customer (as a leagues and tournament player). With this comprehensive vantage point, the Nominating Committee could think of no one person more experienced, committed, passionate and capable of shepherding SATA to the next level than Ann Ross. She understands that one of SATA's most significant challenges is working with the City to restore McFarlin as the centerpiece of tennis in San Antonio and intends to put significant energy for SATA to succeed in this effort, in partnership with the Executive Director, Board, and leaders in the community. Further, Ann is committed to SATA's three pillars, and as President, will ensure that each pillar establishes a working committee to bring more people to the table and inform SATA's work in the community. She intends to pursue the partnerships, funds, and volunteers necessary to ensure sustainable growth across all sectors. She will bring to bear numerous constructive working relationships with the Texas Section, CTAs throughout the state, and SATA's membership to identify best practices, opportunities for innovation, and ways SATA can better reach underserved populations. Ann believes that the main role of the President is demonstrating leadership and looks forward to working with a team of community leaders focused on fulfilling SATA's mission to grow the sport of tennis.


Vice President Leagues - Juan Ochoa

Juan is a Texas Combat Veteran with 14 years of service with the Army. In 2018, after his last deployment and upon returning to San Antonio, he got back into tennis. He has served as a captain for four years. In 2022 Juan joined the Leagues Committee as a member, and in 2023 was asked to be the co-chair by Steve Contreras, the current VP Leagues. Juan is an exceptional professional and excellent communicator. He prides himself in building cohesive teams that work together towards progress and growth. He firmly believes in the mission of SATA. Juan's ability to create cohesiveness, work well within teams, manage conflict resolution, and his dependability, make him an excellent candidate for Vice President Leagues. Additionally, he brings to the table robust relationships with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Tennis Club of San Antonio, and the large community of military veterans who call San Antonio home.


Vice President Tournaments - Margaret Canby

Margaret Canby is well known in the San Antonio tennis community and has a long and admirable list of achievements on the tennis court, including: attaining the #1 ranking in her age group; multiple selections to the US World Cup Team; getting her age group included in ITF teams; and, in her own words, her greatest moment - winning the National clay court championships in both singles and doubles in the same year. Margaret continues to play competitively - traveling around the world, competing in tournaments on all surfaces. As such, she has a robust understanding of the key features of well-run and successful events. Off the court, Margaret has been a foundational force within SATA as a volunteer Leagues Coordinator, starting and running afterschool programs to bring tennis to more people, and securing sponsorships for tournaments. Margaret has also served as a past President of SATA, and continues to care deeply about the organization, its members, and supporters. She sees the role of VP Tournaments as a unique opportunity to collaborate with SATA's staff to strengthen both our portfolio and quality of tournaments, ensuring that SATA events are well run, and that our participants leave happy - ensuring repeat customers. As a board member, Margaret also intends to be a vocal advocate to the city, working to help SATA re-establish McFarlin as the premier tennis center it could be.


Juniors - Trey Martin

Trey Martin is a lifetime San Antonian and a 4.5 league tennis player. He currently sits on the SATA Board as the Director of Juniors. He is a well-spoken, positive member of the board, is goal oriented and driven to improve Juniors in San Antonio. Some of his early activity on the board includes working closely with the Executive Director on: writing grants and ensuring the grant funds are used properly; setting up systems for tracking data and reporting to improve SATA community communications; and participating in the selection process for new SATA staff hires. His strong desire for community involvement and to improve National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) and Junior Team Tennis (JTT) in San Antonio is already having a positive impact.  Trey's passion for tennis and willingness to work is welcome and needed to make SATA the best CTA in Texas.


Fundraising - Greg Gallaspy

Greg embodies a remarkable commitment to making a positive impact within SATA and the broader tennis community. He is driven by a strong sense of accountability and a sincere desire to enhance the overall experience for all involved. Moreover, Greg has extensive experience with non-profit organizations, as he was the Executive Director of the non-profit River Walk Association, and has been a leader in delivering many exhibition and competitive tennis events in San Antonio. Greg believes in working together as a team to get things done. When asked, "Why are you interested serving on the Board?" his response was three things: he wants the community to get involved, wants to have value added programs, and wants to give back to SATA. He feels strongly about needing people on the board that care for McFarlin and have time, passion, and willpower to be a part of the solution and not a problem. Greg is a dedicated individual who is well-aligned with the values and goals of SATA. His emphasis on accountability, integrity, and giving back to the tennis community make him a compelling candidate to further enrich the SATA experience and support the growth of tennis as a whole.  


Thank you for your vote!

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