Donate to SATA, Inc.

Here's another way to help:  make a donation. Help us become the means by which all who wish to play and excel in this great game do so. Your dollars are an invaluable investment in the future of the San Antonio tennis community. We hope you'll share in our enthusiasm and admiration for tennis and give back to the game that has given so much to you!

Examples of how your donation can have an impact in our community:

$20 sponsors one child for 6 weeks of NJTL after school programming 

$35 covers one child’s entry fee to an area USTA Tournament

$100 means 7 Tennis racquets in the hands of area adults or children participating in our tennis programs
$250 arranges a Tennis Play Day at a specific elementary school
$1,500 adds another summer NJTL site to our community and scholarship opportunities