SATA Board of Directors Nomination Form

The San Antonio Tennis Association Nominating Committee is in the process of nominating individuals for the 2020 SATA Board. To see a brief description of each position, please scroll down. If you are interested in holding a position, please fill out the application form. Thank you for volunteering your time to help grow tennis in our community.


ELECTED: The following positions are elected and will serve from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021 (TWO YEAR TERM)

President:  The President shall be principal executive officer of the Association and, subject to these bylaws, shall have general supervision and active control of the activities of the Association and shall carry out all orders of the Board of Directors. He or she shall consult with the Board of Directors on any planned actions that significantly affect the Association. He or she shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the Board of Directors. He or she shall present at the annual meeting of the general membership a report of the activities of the Association. He or she shall cast the tie-breaking vote at any meeting of the Board of Directors or general membership. He or she shall appoint, except as otherwise provided by these by-laws, the chairpersons of all committees. He or she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees excluding the Nominating Committee. Nominees for the office of President should have served on the Board of Directors for two (2) years prior to his or her nomination.

Executive Vice President for Strategic Planning:  Responsible for the compilation of information of the Community Tennis Association Health Index form that is submitted to the USTA Texas Section annually.  Data and statistics can be obtained from other board members and committees during monthly board meetings, and from Association staff.  Reports are completed by the Association Executive Director. Also responsible for SATA’s Strategic Plan.


Vice President Programs:  Administration and operation of Programs designed to grow community involvement in tennis.  Implement new and maintain current programs to reach out to different areas of the community.  Create and maintain a calendar of scheduled events, and facilities in conjunction with Association staff. Must have a broad knowledge of the USTA programs and strong familiarity with role and operations of SATA. Assumes the responsibilities, functions, and duties of the President in the event the President and the First Vice President are unable to perform their duties; performs other duties assigned by the Board of Directors. Also prepares yearly budget for each program.


Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall present a report (to include the upcoming fiscal year proposed budget) to the general membership at each annual meeting and to the Board of Directors whenever requested, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Treasurer by the Board of Directors.

APPOINTED POSITIONS: The following positions are appointed positions and will serve from January 1 to December 31, 2020 (ONE YEAR TERM)

Fundraising: Manage and oversee fundraising efforts to help support SATA’s mission in conjunction with Association staff.


Tournaments: Chair Tournament Committee to coordinate events and facilities throughout the year to accommodate tournament play, both UTA and SATA.  Create a calendar to reflect all scheduled events.  Combine efforts with Association staff. 


Junior Tennis: Chair JTT Committee to promote junior tennis leagues and tournaments.  Establish contacts at area facilities and school to include juniors of all ages and abilities, in conjunction with Association staff. 


Diversity & Inclusion: Their mission is to work to achieve diversity in all USTA Texas programming, among staff, volunteers, and membership that will reflect the demographics of the general population of Texas. 

Facilities: Serve as the liaison between SATA and the San Antonio Professional Tennis Association (SAPTA) to build and foster a good working relationship between the two Community Tennis Associations (CTAs). In addition, this chair will serve to foster good relationships with our local tennis facility directors (the five main clubs, Blossom, Northside, Fairchild… etc) to ensure positive interaction when SATA events and programs need to use courts throughout San Antonio to grow tennis and reach communities beyond the scope of McFarlin.

Membership: Coordinate volunteers as needed for various functions and events.  Collect, maintain, and distribute volunteer information to appropriate committees.  Provide contact information and training information as needed. Help promote volunteerism within SATA. 

City Liaison: Attend meetings of the San Antonio Parks and Recreational department, as well as City Council meetings when applicable to promote SATA and growing tennis in the surrounding areas. Provide information and guidance to the Association Board and staff concerning City facilities and usage. 

Filled Elected Board Positions: (Completing 2nd Year of TWO YEAR TERM)

Vice President USTA/SATA Leagues:  Oversee the operation of the USTA Leagues Committee. Provide Committee Agendas, Recruit Community players to serve on the Leagues Committee.  Assist the Leagues Committee in creating and maintaining a complete calendar containing all leagues played through SATA, preparing the annual USTA leagues budget and the SATA league budget and maintain the local rules.  Generally assist the SATA league coordinator.   

Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of all meetings of the general membership of the Association and of the Board of Directors, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned. The record of proceedings for all meetings will be kept at the Association’s registered office.

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