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Double Down Fundraiser Tourney: February 26, 2022

Register Here!

Cost: $80 per person 


McFarlin Tennis Center

1503 San Pedro

San Antonio, TX 78212

Dates: Saturday, February 26, 2022

Time: 9am - 6:30pm

Details: ​

  • Combine doubles rating

  • Limited to first 44 Ladies and 44 Mens teams

  • Winners receive USTA league registration


SATA is Hiring!

Join our team to help us grow tennis in the San Antonio area!

Tournament Director

Program Director

Public Relations Coordinator

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Leagues now Registering: 18+ Monday, Lone Star, 4.5 W Tuesday, 2.5 Friday

Spring Leagues open for Registration:

18+ W Monday: 2S/3D

18+ W 4.5 Tuesday: 1S/2D

18+ W 2.5 Friday: 1S/2D

Lone Star League: 3D

Minimum rosters are due 1/21/22

Leagues begin play in mid-February

Request a team number HERE

Register for a team HERE

Find a team seeking players HERE


Welcome 2022 SATA Board of Directors

President - Hal Mallory

Executive VP Leagues - Beverly Rowland

VP Programs - Kristan Welch Le Grand

VP Tournaments - Mariel Tinnirello

Secretary - Mary Cirilo

Treasurer - Jeff Moe

Past President - Cari Richardson

Juniors Chair - Jesse Tarin

Fundraising Chair - Phillip Valadez

Diversity & Inclusion Chair - Yvonne Uhl

Facilities Chair - Talat Shah

City Liaison - Steve Contreras

2022 60+ League.png

Senior 60+ Clinic: Tuesdays at McFarlin

Registration now open!

Sponsored by WellMed
All levels welcome
McFarlin Tennis Center
9am - 10am
Tuesday - Register HERE

Contact Nancy at for more information.


Level 2 - San Antonio, TX

February 12-14, 2022

McFarlin Tennis Center

ID #22-36439

Tourney info HERE

San Antonio Tennis Association, Inc.

1503 San Pedro

San Antonio, TX 78212


Coming Up...

2/12 - 2/14

Level 2 - San Antonio, TX

McFarlin Tennis Center

Tournament ID: 22-36439


Double Down Fundraiser Tourney

McFarlin Tennis Center

Registration opens 1/17 at 8am

Register HERE


SBTA Level 6 Adult Open

Spring Branch Tennis Center

Tournament ID: 22-07117

Register HERE

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Tri-Level City Champs
40+ City Champs


40+ Men

  • 3.0: Sonterra Overserved

  • 3.5: Sonterra Ballers

  • 4.0: Shadow Cliff The Borg

  • 4.5: Blossom Pfeiffer


40+ Women:  

  • 3.0: Blossom All Around SA

  • 3.5: Oak Hills Gamechangers

  • 4.0: JNCC Jillaroos 

  • 4.5: JNCC All About Sets

3.0/3.5/4.0W: Sonterra Select

3.0/3.5/4.0M: Sonterra Select

3.5/4.0/4.5W: Triple Crown

3.5/4.0/4.5M: The Hadafew Tennis Crew

18+ Men's City Champs

3.0: TCSA Serve Azes

3.5: JCC Spades

4.0: Dominion Bandits

4.5: Blossom 4.5

18+ Women's City Champs

3.0: Fair Oaks Fairly Extra

3.5: SACC Whatateam

4.0: SACC Saturday Alley Cats

Triple Crown
Triple Crown

Tri-Level 3.5/4.0/4.5W

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Sonterra Select
Sonterra Select

Tri-Level 3.0/3.5/4.0W

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18+ 4.0 SACC Saturday Alley Cats
18+ 4.0 SACC Saturday Alley Cats

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Triple Crown
Triple Crown

Tri-Level 3.5/4.0/4.5W

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Casey Herridge
Leagues Coordinator
Telephone 210.275.3173


SATA Winter Junior Closed Level 3 (12/16)
Jan 15-17
USTA National Level 2 (B/G 18)
Feb 12-14
USTA L2 Boys and Girls 18s
February 6-8
The Mabry Open L5
March 11-14
The Mabry Open Level 5
March 10-13
SATA Spring Junior Level 6
April 2
Fiesta Open Level 6
April 22-24
Memorial Day Open Level 6
May 27-29
June Junior Open Level 5 (12/16)
June 18-19
SATA Adult Major Zone Open Level 5
July 8-10
SATA Summer Junior Level 6
July 30
August Junior Open Level 4 (12/18)
Aug 20-21
September Junior Open Level 5 (14/18)
Sept 3-4
Texas Adult Sectionals Closed Level 4
Sept 9-11
Texas Super Senior Sectional Level 3
Oct 20-23
2022 40+ & 55+ Masters Closed
Nov 4-6
South Texas Open Level 6
Dec 2-5


SATA offers Tournaments and many other programs to get adults and kids in the game – and to keep them playing for life. 

Click on the links below for more information.

Junior Team Tennis


NJTL Summer Camp

NJTL: Adopt A School

Home School Program

San Antonio Adaptive Tennis

Fitness In The Park

Kinetic Kids

Camp Discovery

Contact - Kay Hendrix:

Racquets Up

Contact - Lynda Haile:

Special Olympics

Contact - Debbie Blackwood:

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SATA Staff

SATA Office

1503 San Pedro Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: 210-735-3069

Fax: 210-735-3070

Contact Us

SATA Board of Directors

Hal Mallory - President

Beverly Rowland - Executive Vice President of Leagues

Kristan Welch-LeGrand - Vice President of Programs

Kyle Gordon - Vice President of Tournaments

Mary Cirilo - Secretary

Andrew Ornes - Treasurer


Cari Richardson - Past President

Talat Shah - Facilities Chair

Esther Paddock - Fundraising Chair

Jesse Tarin - Junior Programs Chair

Lucy Novak - City Liaison

Yvonne Ulh - Diversity and Inclusion Chair

SATA's Mission

To promote and develop the lifetime sport of tennis as a means of healthful recreation, physical fitness, social skill development and character building and to provide accessible tennis programming to players of all ages and abilities regardless of background, circumstance or lifestyle.

SATA is based at the City of San Antonio's premier tennis facility, the McFarlin Tennis Center at San Pedro Springs.  

Founded in 1946, SATA is United States Tennis Association (USTA) Community Tennis Association (CTA)--a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization supporting programs that grow the game of tennis.  As such we are a longtime contributor in growing the sport of tennis in the greater San Antonio area and surrounding communities.