Congratulations Special Olympic Champions!


SATA, Inc. is proud to recognize and honor these Special Olympians who recently traveled to Arlington to compete in late May in a Special Olympics Sectional tournament. For several years, SATA has helped support the team as they travel to Arlington to ensure they have what they need. 


Deb Independents Special Olympics Team practices every Tuesday evening at McFarlin Tennis Center. The team coordinators are Deb Blackwood and Madelyn Pease. Volunteer Ms. Elaine Eickenroht also assists in the program. The names of the players are Leonard Flowers, Chris Meier, Dani Eickenroht, Daniel Castillo Michael Castillo, Tim Taggart, and Amy Quests. 


Medal breakdown according to level of play:

M Singles - Gold Medal - Chris Meier

M Singles - Silver Medal - Leonard Flowers

M Singles - Gold Medal - Michael Castillo

M Singles - 4th Place - Tim Taggart

M Doubles - Gold Medal - Michael Castillo and Daniel Castillo

M Doubles - Gold Medal - Tim Taggart and Partner

M Doubles - Bronze Medal - Chris Meier and Leonard Flowers

W Singles - Gold Medal - Dani Eickenroht

W Singles - Silver Medal - Amy Quests

W Doubles - Gold Medal - Dani Eickenroht and Amy Quests


The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games will be held in Seattle, Washington, July 1-6, 2018. 

Two of our own representing Deb Independents Team will be participating in the Olympic Games, Chris Meier and Leonard Flowers.

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