SATA Playoff Parameters

Two team playoff:  If this format is chosen, the top two teams will playoff to determine one team to advance. This format may also be used to determine first and second place for the purpose of advancement to city playoffs.


Three team playoff:  This format is used in the event of a triple flight. One team will randomly be chosen for a bye.


Four team playoff:  Single elimination – if a four team, single elimination playoff is chosen, the teams will playoff in the following format: 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. The purpose of this is incentive to the first place team. In the event of two flights with the top two teams advancing from each flight, the format will be 1 vs 2 and 1 vs 2, where the 1 is the first place team of either flight and the 2 is the second place team of the opposing flight. 


City Playoffs:


When more than one team has advanced to city playoffs in any division (ie weekday vs weekend or fall vs spring), the format for play will be 1 v 2 and 1 vs 2, where the 1 is the first place team of either weekday or weekend (or fall or spring) and the 2 is the second place team of the opposite league.


For All Playoffs:


If the matches are to be held at the team facilities, the matches will be played at the home team’s courts. If the home team’s courts are unavailable, they will be played at the opposing team’s courts. If those are also available, the match(es) will be played at a neutral site.


If a team bows out of playoffs, SATA will utilize a “lucky loser” format. Thus, the team that played (and lost) to the team that bows out, will be offered the opportunity to advance in their place. If that team is unable to accept the position, the leagues committee will decide whether to advance a different team or allow a walkover.


Leagues/flights with fewer than eight (8) teams may choose to have no playoffs or a two-team playoff only(no more than two teams in a playoff).


If a level has played each team twice or more than playoff choices are to either have no playoff or top two teams playoff.


No round robin to be used in playoffs. If the top two teams from any league or flight are advancing to any playoff, there will not be a two-team playoff.


PLEASE NOTE: All players MUST have played two matches prior to the end of the regular season to advance toANY playoff and/or sectionals (one default received counts as a match played). All players MUST have played three matches (no defaults count) to advance to Nationals. Retirements count as a match played for all post-season play.

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