John T. McFarlin Center Court Award Nominees:

(In first name alpha order)

Ann Ross - Has been extremely helpful with the by-laws committee - she volunteered to take the minutes which are very complicated, serves on the nominating committee and captains several teams out of McFarlin - she also always brings baked goods to her league matches and drops off a few goodies to Roger and staff at the SATA office. 

Bill Hurt - (Nominated by two people) - As Leagues Chair, Bill has shown incredible patience in his efforts to train and assist the new leagues coordinator. His fair and inclusive leadership style combined with his vast knowledge of leagues and leagues history have been crucial to the successful operation of leagues this year.

Cheryl Ellison - (Nominated by three people) - Cheryl jumped into the deep end with both feet and no life jacket as Diversity & Inclusion Chairman. She immediately created a committee, held regular meetings, developed an initiative Tennis On the Go and has turned it into a SATA success story in 10 months. Her committee has raised $1250 in grants for SATA. Cheryl plays almost all of the SATA tournaments and travels to tournaments across the state. 


Charlene Reynoso - (Spotlight Nominee) See her story here

Daniel Rubio - Just named USTA Texas Section's Junior Team Tennis Coordinator of the Year, Daniel Rubio breathed life back into the SATA JTT Program. He turned this program back into a successful thriving league and growth area for SATA. Working arm in arm with local coaches, the Juniors committee, SATA staff and local tennis families, Daniel organized and worked through the bumps in the road, and smoothed the path to making JTT something local families wanted to be a part of again.

Debbie Grieder - Debbie has been involved in SATA leadership and, as President of the Board, helped grow the organization into a community tennis association on par with Dallas, Houston and Austin. Her leadership and vision for SATA helped the organization to win the CTA of the Year and numerous other awards. Debbie was at the forefront of the efforts to upgrade McFarlin prior to the WTA Pro Event in 2016. She is also one of the five founders of the SATA Gala (4 years ago) which accounts for almost 10% of SATA's annual revenue budget every year. Even after her term as President, Debbie continues to serve on the Leagues, Juniors and Executive Committee (as Past President) for SATA. 

Genevieve Sulgalski - (Spotlight Nominee) See her story here

Jerry and Kay Hendrix - (Spotlight Nominee) See their story here

Lucy Leo - Her positive attitude, sunny disposition, and competitive spirit helped lead her team to 55+ Sectionals in 2018.

Mary and Ariel Cirlio - (Spotlight Nominee) See their story here

Mary Reeder - (Spotlight Nominee) See her story here

Rich Flores - (Nominated by Three People) Rich has supported SATA for the past 30 years.  He has sponsored SATA Junior tournaments throughout those years and has always said yes when asked to sponsor a new tournament or event.  He currently sponsors 7 tournaments and JTT. During the many years that SATA hosted  The Boys' 14 National Championship, Rich coordinated the player bags, calling on his vendors for donations and putting together an amazing player bag and shirt each year.  He and staff were also present to help with Player check in and collection of player info. Rich will go to the shop on a Sunday (when the store is closed) during a tournament and string a player's racket whenever needed.  His support has been continuous and without issue of any kind.

Roger Ojeda - Roger does so much for SATA that it is hard to narrow it down to a few sentences. He is always at McFarlin and always does whatever the job requires. If it needs to be cleaned up, Roger does it. He spends more time at McFarlin than he does at home and is always ready to greet a tennis player, parent or a vendor with courtesy and charm. 

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