Kathy Leijon
Dec 3, 2018

Looking for women’s singles players for Saturday 4.0 team


Are you a 4.0 or strong 3.5 women’s singles player who is looking for a Saturday team? Do you want to have a good time with some nice, supportive teammates and improve your game? If so, please reach out! There should be plenty of opportunities for playing time. Our team is up and coming, still in growth period, with several new or new-ish 4.0’s and a few great 3.5’s who want to play up. We want to build a winner over time. If you are returning to tennis after a hiatus and want to get back in the game, a new or previous 4.0 singles player who needs a new team, or a solid 3.5 who wants to play up in order to get to 4.0 in the future, I’m interested in hearing from you. Thanks!

Arlene Escajeda
Mar 12

Yes... for a team.

Jen Baker
Jun 3

Hi there. I'm traveling through town and looking for a hitting partner June 6-10. Need a sub or know anyone that's 4.0 who might just want to hit?

Jun 22

O I love women players and specially those who are also best thesis writers,yeahhh you got right,I am looking for same person for my some academic work.

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