Vote for the 2022 SATA Board of Directors

Online voting available until 11pm on November 12, 2021. Voting members of SATA are defined as anyone who is 18 years or older at the time of voting, and who has played a USTA or SATA League, SATA Tournament, is a SATA Sponsor or Donor, and/or serves as a volunteer of the organization. One vote per member. In addition, members can vote at the General Membership Meeting on November 18th at Blanco BBQ: 13259 Blanco Road at 6:30pm.

Vote for the 2022 SATA Board of Directors

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Please vote for the entire slate with an Approve or a Do Not Approve. Each qualified SATA member also has the option to "Write In" a nominee. It will be the responsibility of that Write-In Nominee to accept the nomination in writing to either the Board President Hal Mallory, Board Secretary Mary Cirilo or Nominating Committee Chairperson Beverly Rowland prior to the General Membership Meeting.    


Hal Mallory - President
Mariel Tinnirello - Vice President of Tournaments
Kristan Welch-LeGrand - Vice President of Programs
Jeff Moe - Treasurer
Jesse Tarin - Junior Programs Chair
Phillip Valadez - Fundraising Chair
Steve Contreras - City Liaison
Talat Shah - Facilities Chair